Google Nexus 5

Google Nexus 5 Problem: Bubble under the screen! [UPDATE:12.08.2014]

Last week my new Google Nexus 5 (Europa = LG D821, USA = LG D820) arrived. Looking at it closely I started to notice a small bubble under the glas, thats why I contacted my reseller ( – Home of Hardware). Because its not that easy to make a photo of the bubble, here is a video of the screen:

Is there anyone out there with a similar problem?

Update 07.08.2014: It took them one week to answer me: I have to send it to their service provider

Update 08.08.2014: Answered all the online questions on Seems that I have to pay the postal charges…

Update 11.08.2014: The postal charges will be refund by The phone arrived at, for some reason I can’t check the status at…

Update 12.08.2014: The postal charges has been refund by after they got the receipt. The repair status can now be checked online – the support was really friendly on the phone.

Update 12.08.2014: The display has been replaced according to the online status. There is a strange message, that there are some inconsistencies between the bill ( and the phone I’ve send in. The support couldn’t tell me the exact problem but said that there were a minor difference which doesn’t matter for the warranty. Maybe because it was a EU-Import according to the french manual?

RaspberryPi: Autoconnect to WLAN (WPA2)

In most applications in robotic it’s necessary to get rid of the ethernet cable to move the raspberry free and battery powered. Luckily the Raspberry PI supports a variety of USB-WLAN-Sticks like the TP-Link TL-WN821N. In this tutorial I describe how you setup the WLAN connection that the RPi auto connects to your WLAN after you switch on the power.
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